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The Fast & Easy Way To Properly Clean Your Makeup Brushes

As you scroll through the Internet, especially Youtube, you can see a lot of beauty vloggers or gurus who share tricks and tips when it comes to cleaning makeup brushes. With many people promoting certain techniques and tips, it can be confusing for makeup beginners to identify what works best for them.

So what is, really, the proper way to clean and take care of your makeup brushes? As you read this article, we will discuss:

  • How you can properly clean and dry your brushes easily,
  • What products you can use when cleaning the brushes,
  • How often should you clean them

The Proper & Easy Way To Clean Makeup Brushesㄧ5 Easy Steps

      1. Prepare an estimated good amount of lukewarm water that will not reach the ferrule (the metal part of the brush). Then, drop and mix your cleaning product of choice.

Tip: You can use your facial wash, baby shampoo, shampoo with conditioner, or dishwashing liquid, or any product that doesn’t have a strong chemical ingredient. 

Remember: Don’t use a bar of regular body soap. It will damage the softness of the brush’s bristles.

     2. Next, put your brushes on the mixed lukewarm water and let it soak for 10 min to 20 mins.

Remember:  If the ferrule is also soaked, the glue will loosen and thus will make your brushes thinner and shorten its lifespan.

    3. After soaking it, gently massage the tips of the brushes. You can use your palm, but you can also use makeup cleaning mats. You can find these at your local makeup stores or you can order them online.

    4. Next, rinse off the excess from the brush with running water while also massaging it gently with the cleaning mat or your palm.

Remember: Don’t let the water reach the ferrule as much as possible.

    5. After rinsing it off, gently squeeze the water out of the tips while also reshaping the brushes into their original shape.

Things To Remember When Drying Your Brushes

  • Using towels to dry it off isn’t recommendable. The bristles can turn mildewy and the shape of the brushes will be deformed. Instead, hang it off on the edge of your counter.

  • Always place the brushes facing downward, it will also protect the glue.
  • Never scrub the brushes into the towel to dry, it will only damage the shape.
  • Never use a hairdryer or put it in direct sunlight just to make it dry quickly, it will damage the glue inside the ferrule and also damage the shape of the brushes.
  • From time to time, reshape the brushes into their original form. You buy makeup brushes tools that are intended for this purpose.

How Often Should I Clean My Brushes?

Once a month? Once a week?

According to most dermatologists, it depends on how often you use it. When it comes to lip brushes, concealer brushes, and eye makeup tools, it must be cleaned every after use or once a week to avoid product build-up and infection to the sensitive parts of the skin. 

The same goes for regular makeup brushes. It’s also best to clean them once a week to avoid product build-up. For brushes that are used occasionally, you can clean them once a month.

The Importance of Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

If your clean your brushes rarely or not as often as you should be, it can do gradual damage not just to your brushes but also to your skin. It’s important for makeup users to keep their brushes clean regardless of their tight schedule or any other hindrance. 

Makeup brushes capture a lot of micro bacterias and specks of dust from the air. Aside from that, bacteria can also build up from the makeup that you use, the oils, the dirt, and other bacterias from your face. These will eventually have cross-contamination to your makeup products and can cause skin problems.

This cycle can lead to having acne, skin irritation, skin infection, and skin diseases even if you wash your face regularly. This is because the tools and products that you’ve applied to your face will stay longer and will be absorbed in which a regular facial wash couldn’t remove.

This habit could also damage the performance and quality of your make up brushes, resulting in an undesiring outcome of your makeup look. You also need to take note that just because you aren’t using them regularly doesn’t mean they are clean.

How To Protect Your Makeup Brushes

Micro bacterias and specks of dust are still swarming around your room through the air. So secure your brushes and other products that you will use on your face on a bag or container that will prevent exposure to these specks of dust and dirt.

I do want these brushes to be cleaned regularly but it just takes a lot of time and effort, and I don’t have the time for that.

Well, that could be true! But when you clean your brushes in the right way using the proper tools, not only these will make things easier but also it will maintain the softness and quality of the brushes. Your skin will thank you and will lead you to clear skin and a beautiful finish for your makeup.

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