Makeup & Wine

When was the last time you had a girls’ Night?​

book A makeup night with 4 of your girls

Nowadays, we rarely take the time to forget about work and all the stress around us. Tonight is the time to have a good time with your long-time-no-see friends. Take a sip of wine and learn how to do your makeup. IT’S SIMPLE: 

1. Choose which friend is hosting girls night

2. Bring your makeup and learn how use it!

3. Enjoy your evening.




We provide the lighting, 4 gifts bag for each attendee, we bring our makeup kit to complete any missing items from your kit. 

You bring your entire makeup kit so you can learn how to use your own material. You decide if you want to have drinks, snacks etc..  during the session. 

The session of 1 hour 30 minutes is 395.00 CAD

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We'll make sure you never forget this evening.