Why Hire A Makeup Artist On Special Occasions

It may be your special day or a special event- whatever the case, you want to look your best. You ask yourself, “Should I hire a makeup artist or better off doing my own makeup?” Really, doing your own makeup has its perks and it can save you money. But, if you chose the right makeup artist, it might even be worth the spend! In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of hiring a makeup artist and its advantages from doing your own makeup. 

But first, how do you choose the right makeup artist?

If you decided to hire a makeup artist for the event, choosing the one should be a top priority. After all, he/she will be the one responsible for your look on this day. So how do you choose one?

In HerWorld’s article about the matter lists five things you need to keep in mind. First, you have to decide the look you’re going for. Each makeup artists have different specializations. So, knowing what you want will help you look for a makeup artist that excels in that specific look. 

Second, you want to determine how much you’re willing to pay for your makeup. You can even negotiate with the MA, if possible. 

Third, you can ask around for referrals. There’s nothing more credible than good feedback from people who got their makeup done by that makeup artist, right?

Fourth, you can ask for their portfolio. In this way, you can firsthand see their previous works and judge accordingly. 

And last, if possible, you can request a trial session. This is when you decided to hire a particular MA. This will be like a rehearsal before the special day, just to make sure you’re getting what you exactly want. 

Why hire a makeup artist?

We’ll now discuss five reasons why hiring a makeup artist to do your makeup is a much wiser option during special events. 

The less stress, the more beautiful!

All can agree that preparing for a special day can bring much stress to the organizers. There’s so much to do and you surely don’t want all that worries to show on your face, right? Not only will hiring a makeup artist will ensure that you look radiant, but it will also lessen the pressure and stress you’ll feel during that day.

They offer high-quality products and service.

Hiring the right makeup artist will get you the look you exactly want. And, they use high-quality products so you wouldn’t need to worry about constantly retouching your makeup every now and then throughout the event. That would be a hassle, and for sure, you’d want to look great every time (especially in photos!). 

Professional makeup artists usually use long-lasting products and know different techniques to use. What’s more to ask?

Less hassle when changing looks.

If you’re a bride and decides to change looks from the wedding ceremony to the reception, that wouldn’t be a problem at all when you’re hiring a makeup artist. Some talented makeup artist works fast and knows which look suits you the most on different venues.

They are worth your money.

Different makeup artists ask for different rates. Some are more expensive than others and usually offer special services to make their day more special. And most of the time, it’s definitely worth the spend. Still, don’t forget the guidelines above when choosing a makeup artist. Make sure they have proof of their previous work. Some actually spend more (if calculated in terms of the makeup quality and products used) when they do their own makeup.

Be picture-perfect. Always.

Most professional makeup artists are proficient in determining your best angles on the camera and often enhance that specific part to make you look dashing every single time. Who doesn’t want that- to be picture perfect and slay every photo?

Anaivi Makeup makes sure you look radiant and glamourous on your special day.

It’s not easy to find a good makeup artist or team, truth be told. You’d have to search thoroughly until you find the most suitable and competent for you.  We’d love to discuss your preferences. We’re only one call away!

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