What makeup to buy for beginners

Makeup can be intimidating, specially if you are just starting. I recommend starting slowly so you don’t spend too much building your kit.

Below, you will find 5 products/makeup you should buy as a beginner. You can click on the images to read more about each products.

1. A good Mascara

A good mascara can totally change your look. I personally prefer a dark waterproof mascara that will last the entire day. The only downside to this is that it takes forever to remove. You can choose a non-waterproof mascara. A good mascara will give you long lashes and change your entire look.

2. A Lipstick of your choice.

If you are bold, I recommend a red lipstick. If you like a more subtle look, go for a nude lipstick. I strongly recommend the maybelline lipstick or nyx lipsick as they are affordable and give a nice effect to your lips. If you want to go with a high end option, you won’t go wrong by choosing from MAC cosmetics. I would stongly recommend a matte lips and add a gloss if you want your lips to shine.

3. Eyebrow pencil

You have probably heard of the term eyebrows on fleek. Eyebrows are essential to shape the face. You should start with a pencil and work your way to gels as they last longer.

4. The perfect Concealer

Having a great concealer is great to hide fatigue under your eyes and shape your eyebrows. You can even cover your blemishes with it. A great concealer is a must have in yout kit. Since it is your first, you should go with one that is similar to your skin tone.

5. Powder 

I know, I didn’t include a foundation to the list. I think a good powder is better as you can se your concealer with it and get rid of the oily spots on your face. You can cheat by purchasing a foundation powder (the one from MAC). It acts like a powder AND has the coverage of a foundation.

I hope this list was helpful. Enjoy your journey as a new makeup user. Makeup is fun and know that you WILL get better with time.

if you have been doing your makeup for a while comment below and tell me what are your 5 recommendations for someone who want to star wearing makeup.

If you are just starting, tell me what item you already have in your kit.

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