What makeup brushes do I need

There are so many brushes on the market that we often feel overwhelmed. 

Where should you start ?

I always recommend to my clients who has no brushes to start with 4 types of brushes. These 4 brushes will help you create any look, from sample to glamorous. 

The first brush I recommend is : 

  • A foundation Brush

 The foundation is what will help you acheive that uniform look. 

The second brush is : 

  • A powder brush

This brush is going to help you set your foundation. You can repurpose this brush to apply your contour and your highlight. 

The third brush is : 

  • A blending brush 

The blending brush will help you apply and blend your eyeshadow. 

  • A flat brush 

This brush is meant to apply your eyeshadow. It is really useful when you apply shimmer on your eyes. 

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