Types of foundations

 What is a foundation ? 

Foundation is what you use on your entire face in order to make a uniform based on your face.

There are different types of foundation.

  • liquid foundation
  • powder foundation
  • Cream foundation.

The most common one is liquid foundation. It’s good for every type of skin : dry skin, oily skin, mixed skin,

The powder foundation is usually good for oily skin, but everybody can use it.

The cream foundation is good for dry skin. 

Everyone can use those type, depending on what basis you use, depending on the what powder you use on top.

Most of the time it’s written on the label for which type of skin the foundation is for and what finish.  (The finish is the end result). 

It can look more dewy, matte, or velvet.  I recommend you watch some reviews in order to know exactly what it’s going to look like.

Watch the video for more !

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