The Danger of Counterfeit Products

Makeup has been a booming industry ever since. We’re quite sure that there’s nothing better than getting a good steal when it comes to buying makeup. We just love the perfect combo- a quality product for a good price. However, as quality cosmetic products rose, fake and counterfeit products have risen with it. In fact, it is much even difficult to differentiate the fake from the real one today.

The Rise of Fake Makeup

Counterfeit makeup has proved to be a serious problem in the industry as it causes underlying dangers to both users and cosmetic companies. Today, we’ll talk about why fake cosmetic products are dangerous to makeup users in several aspects.

Reasons Why Counterfeit Products Are Dangerous

  1. Packed with harmful ingredients.

Unlike quality products from trusted brands, these knockoff products are packed with poisonous ingredients that can threaten the health of the consumers. Several cases have reported issues like eye infections, allergies, rashes, and chemical burns due to the use of these fake cosmetics. Some even cause long-term health problems. 

The following are few of the harmful contents usually found on these products:

  • Faeces
  • Mercury
  • Lead
  • Cyanide
  • Arsenic
  • Paint-stripper

Most consumers who buy fake products are usually bought by the price of these knockoffs, as they cost much less than the original products. Furthermore, misinformation and lack of research lure them to unreliable sellers. Confirming the seller’s credibility is so important before buying makeup goods. 

2. Can cause skin problems and diseases.

The whole point of makeup products is to enhance the beauty of each individual. However, sad cases of makeup users who bought knockoffs have damaged their skin and developed skin diseases.
As stated above, these knockoffs are filled with harmful chemicals. Therefore, it is only a matter of time when it’ll cause irritations because makeup is usually applied directly on the skin.

3. Can make people afraid of makeup.

Although it is a willing choice, many people are actually doubtful about using cosmetics. The rise of knockoff cosmetic problems has made them more hesitant to use makeup. Yes, convincing them to buy quality brands could be a good option. However, if we try to convince someone who has never used makeup in their entire life and just saw the horror of fake products caused, it can be pretty challenging, right?

4. Damages the reputation of trusted brands.

Some fake cosmetics outright use (and they even try to trick us!) the brand names of some trusted brands. It can be hard to differentiate, especially for beginners. This damages the reputation of a good cosmetic company who sells legit, quality products. If you’re a cosmetic company owner, it can be hard to survive in the battle of proving your legitimacy. It may even take some time before customers begin to trust your brand. Nonetheless, fake beauty products can cost you much more than what they’re trying to make it seem like. 

How can you avoid it?

It can be hard to spot the fake ones from the legit products, but it’s not impossible. You can start from swearing to buy makeup only from reliable sellers you know. If this is not possible, try researching and asking the reviews of others. Often, knock-offs have a cheaper quality than the originals. Try to check the packaging, smell, texture, and even its manufacturing information. Don’t ever buy the products without testing it first. This can be quite difficult if you’re buying through online shops. If that’s the case, always check the previous buyer’s reviews so that you’ll know for sure. 

Each one of us, makeup or non-makeup enthusiasts are responsible for maintaining good circulation of quality goods (not just makeup!). After all, it can have an effect on us, one way or another. The best way to fight counterfeit products is to ultimately stop buying them.

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