Must Haves For Beginners (Makeup)

If you are new to makeup, there are three categories of items you need to have. These three categories are what I classify as the must-haves, the basic-haves, and the nice to have. For better understanding, I will take these groups one at a time.

The Must-Haves

Two essential items fall under the must-haves, and they are:

  • The Primer and
  • The Setting Spray

The primers and setting lotions are essential and must-haves for every beginner in the area of makeup. Most beginners wrongly believe that investing in many items will give you the best result. However, the primer and setting lotions contain the ingredients that will help your makeup last longer.

Again, don’t be in a hurry to skip your primer and setting lotions during makeup. They are essential if you want a professional-looking final result. 

The Basic Items for Your Makeup

Three main items that fall under the basic-haves include:

  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Powder

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Investing in a good foundation is essential when it comes to makeup. Many online videos can help you understand the best ways to apply your foundation before proceeding with your makeup.

The Powder

When it comes to makeup, the powder is also an essential item to have around you. One of the uses of the powder is to help your foundation stay in place longer. It also prevents the result of your make from appearing oily. You can either invest in white powder or brown powder, depending on what works best for you.

The Concealer

The concealer is also essential as it helps to hide skin blemishes, acne, or wrinkles. Using the concealer gives your makeup even a smoother texture and appearance. Like the powder and the foundation, it is necessary to invest in high-quality concealers for the best results.

Other Basic Needs For Your Makeup                                    

There are other items you may need for your makeup, and they include:

·       The Eye shadows

Eyeshadows are very purposeful. Therefore, it may come in handy during your makeup session.

·       The Eyeliner

For those who want to give their eyes a distinctive look, eyeliner is a basic need. Today, eyeliner is becoming more trendy. Therefore, it is a basic need for your makeup.

·       The Mascara /Fast lashes

You can either use mascara or fast lashes to make your makeup stand out. Once you spot someone with mascara, there is always a difference. 

·       Lipsticks

Lipsticks give your lips that glow and attractive look. There are a variety of colors to choose from depending on your preference.

·       Eyebrow tool

Your eyebrows are significant when it comes to makeup. Therefore, investing in the proper eyebrow tool is vital.

The Nice to Have Items

There are three items in this category, and they include:

The Highlights       

They are not so essential to have because you can use other elements like eye shadow to create your highlight. However, having a good highlight collection is not a bad idea.

The Contour Palette

The contour palette is not necessary. Like the highlights, you can create a nice contour with other makeup elements like darker foundations.

The Bronzer

Having a bronzer can be nice and make the work more stress-free. However, having a bronzer is not necessary. A bronzer is a mixture of powder and highlights.