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Makeup Preparation For Dry Skin

Do you like makeup but have dry skin? Then, for sure, you take time to prepare your skin before putting on makeup. Otherwise, you’ll definitely find it hard to achieve that fresh and natural-looking finish. However, if you just started doing makeup, this article is perfect for you. We’ll talk about how to prepare your skin before putting on makeup.

Preparation is key.

There are several reasons why this specific preparation is necessary. We’ll discuss some of them throughout the paragraph and explain the steps to take.

But first,

Before proceeding to the guidelines below, let’s first examine and determine the type of skin that we gave. Identifying your own skin type can be challenging to some. It goes beyond choosing your shade for the right tone. Understanding your skin type is the key factor in taking care of your skin. The three main skin types are oily, dry and combination(normal). Therefore, one of the easiest way to determine your skin type is by the levels of moisture on your skin. 

Steps To Take For Dry Skin

This article will focus mainly on makeup users that fall in the ‘dry skin’ category. For such skin type, noticeable flaws like flaking may occur without the proper preparation before makeup. The dryness is usually caused by the lack of moisture or dehydration. Make sure you start prioritizing the stability of your body fluids more than anything else.  

Below are some of the basic steps you can follow before putting on makeup:

1. Find the right products.

Before doing anything else, this process takes place even before the ‘putting on’ process. While shopping for makeup products, make sure the things you’ll be using are suited for your skin type. Especially for your face’ coverage, choosing a liquid foundation over powder may be a good choice. 

You can ask the salesperson in charge or look it up first before buying the actual product. It may also be helpful to consult the reviews of other people, too. Nonetheless, you want every product you use to be efficient and bring benefit to your needs as much as possible. 

2. Cleanse your way.

As cleansing is an important step to take before and after makeup, so is choosing the right type of cleanser. For people with dry skin, you have to avoid cleansers that suck up the natural moisture in your skin, as this will make your skin look more parched. Choose cleansers that adds lipid back to the skin. These are usually found in cream-based cleansers. 

3. Exfoliate. 

Much similar to step number 2, exfoliation is a type of cleansing that focuses on removing unwanted blemishes and dead skin. The celeb makeup artist Jasen Kaplan believes that exfoliation before makeup makes it last longer. We definitely support this claim, and indeed exfoliating before putting on makeup helps you put on a newer and fresher face each time. 

4. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

There are a lot of moisturizers you can use to help add moisture and hydrate the skin. There are specific moisturizers that can be worn beneath your makeup or those you put on when you go bed. Nonetheless, for people with dry skin, moisturizers are their lifelines. Moisturize your face as much as possible before putting on makeup to have that natural, dewy and glossy finish. A parched skin makes the makeup appear cakey, and nobody wants cakey makeup. Also, don’t forget to moisturize your lips. 

5. Use SPF.

It doesn’t matter where you live, SPF does not only help you protect your skin from the harsh sunlight’s UV rays, it also helps maintain skin moisture. So, never forget this step! Skin protection must be on top of your list. 

6. Tone it up. 

Some people tend to skip this step believing that toners strip off the natural oils that your skin has, which is something people with dry skin wouldn’t actually want. However, much like cleansers, there are types of toners that hydrate the skin. You would want to avoid alcohol-based toners, as it would lead to flakiness and skin irritation. 

7. Use face masks.

As face masks have become a much popular trend in the makeup and skincare industry, different types of masks have been produced to specifically help hydrate the skin more. Most of these face masks are packed with minerals and skin food that help maintain the moisture of the skin. As recommended, face masks produce good results if used at least twice a week. 

8. Use a primer. 

Never skip using a primer when doing a full coverage makeup. It is essential for anyone who wants their makeup to last longer and maximize durability. It also locks in the moisture onto your skin, so you wouldn’t have to worry if you live in a humid and warm climate. 

9. Spray a hydrating mist.

Don’t you just love face mists? Some people religiously spray it before and after they’ve put on makeup. It just boosts the hydration to your skin. Some mists also contain good nutrients for your skin, so this is really worth trying. 


We hope you learned something useful today that you can use in your ways of putting makeup. Always remember that the first and foremost step in achieving flawless makeup is to put in an effort to take care of your skin. If you have any questions, feel free to reach us.

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