Is Makeup with Cannabis Ingredients Dangerous?

Cannabis seed extracts are fast-growing in relevance even in the beauty industry today. Makeup derived from cannabis ingredients are valuable for their antioxidant qualities. They are also capable of hydrating the skin and making it smooth. For many people, cannabis-based makeup products are the best. However, the question is, are makeup from cannabis ingredients dangerous?

Different people may have different opinions regarding cannabis ingredients. However, I tend to shy away from products that contain this unique ingredient. Perhaps it is because of my bad experience with the first cannabis-based product is tried on my face. I picked a specific primer for my experiment, and some of the things I do not like about this primer are:

·       It is not tacky.

I prefer sticky primers that grip the skin and lasts long after your makeup. However, the cannabis primer I chose did not provide this same result. It tends to absorb into the pores and dry up extremely fast, leaving the skin rough and uneven. There is no form of grip from this product which makes the makeup wear out extremely fast.

·       Some People may react to makeup with cannabis ingredients.

It is not every skin type that goes well with a cannabis product. I felt some form of skin reaction after using my choice of cannabis primer for the first time. Review from users who tried this product shows that the product does not go well with some people. Some of the commonly reported reactions include acne breakouts and other allergic skin reactions.

·       It makes my makeup appear horrible.

Using my cannabis extract primer made my foundation come out very horrible. The result is a very horrible-looking makeup.

While the above are my personal experiences, the case is not the same for everybody. Many people also use this product without any form of breakouts or allergic reactions. Therefore, I think it all boils down to different people and their skin types.

 There are several good reviews about cannabis base makeup product that makes them worth the try. However, when you are purchasing a product for trial purposes, it is essential to start with a small quantity. If the product is available in small bottles, go for the smaller bottle. Ensure that you are comfortable with a product before investing a large sum of money in it.  

Besides the reported skin breakouts and allergic reactions, makeup with cannabis ingredients is not dangerous. Nonetheless, if you are the type that is sensitive when it comes to making selection, you might want to stick with the conventional ones that work best for you.  

Below, Jenny tested a primer with cannabis extract. Let’s see her review.