How To Do Your Eyeliner

The first step to getting the best from your eyeliner is choosing the appropriate liner for you. For this article, I will be using liquid eyeliner. However, some people are more convenient with using a pencil or gel liner.

I love liquid liners because the final result is smooth with a more detailed look. Liquid liners come in marker pen formats or liquid in a vial with a brush. If you are a beginner, it is best to go for the marker pen format. It enhances the ease of application and ensures you get the best results in the end.

When using a liquid liner marker, there are a variety of looks you can achieve. From a corporate look to a classical look, liquid liner markers make it stress-free to create all kinds of strokes. Well said, below are the steps to doing your eyeliner.

Four Steps To Applying Your Eyeliner

#1 Get the Eyes Ready For Your Eye Liner

A lot of people jump straight to applying their eyeliner without first getting the eyes ready. The first step to preparing the eyes is to wash the face. Applying an eye cream can help you get an even smoother texture from your eyeliner application.

Using an eye cream can help smooth out tiny wrinkles and redness around the eyes. It can also help to give the area around the eyes an even color and texture.

#2 Apply a Primer to At the Base of the Eyes To Get an Even Texture

Eyeliners look better on a smooth base. You can achieve a smooth base by applying a primer to the areas around your eyes. Generally, primers are useful during makeup to make the skin even and make the process easier. It will also ensure that your makeup lasts longer on the skin.

Once your primer is dry, the next step is to apply a concealer above and below the eyes. Ensure that the concealer blends well before setting it with powder.  

#3 Start Applying Your Liner

Once the foundation is set, the next step is to start applying your liner. The process can be tricky, and many people often make a mistake at this point. When applying eyeliner, start with thin strokes and expand the strokes slowly. Even if you intend to create bold lining strokes, you need to do it gradually.

Ensure that you are satisfied with one eye before switching over to the other eye. Lining the eyes requires a lot of care and precision. Therefore, don’t always be in a rush. Take it slowly.

#4 Create an Even More Classic Look By Winging Out Your Liners

Once you are done applying eyeliner to your eyes, go a step further and wing it out. Do the same for the lower part of the eyes. However, for the lower part, wing out only the outer half of the eyes.  You can blend out the looks with a smudge and finish up by applying mascara to the eyes.