Eye Makeup To Slay Red Lips

We all love the iconic red lips that exude the power of feminity that is in every woman. Many celebrities have slayed this iconic look in galas, celeb parties and other events. The ‘red lips look’, however, is so diverse that it may look different from person to person. Therefore, in this article, we’re going to talk about different types of eye makeup that can perfectly suit a particular person wearing the classic red lipstick.

The Natural Look

By using natural hues and shades on your eyes, this will make the red lips stand out more. Further, you can wear this natural look when running errands because it won’t take you too long, or even in offices because of its sophisticated finish. Either way, it’s easy to wear and everyone’s go-to look when they want to go rock the red lip without looking “too much”.

The Sultry Look

Have you ever had those moments when you just want to feel gracefully sexy? The iconic red lip is the perfect way to go! Paired with mysterious brown smokey eyes, you can achieve that sultry look you want. Make the best use of your brown eye shadow palette and don’t be afraid to look daring.

The Glimmery Look

Get that shimmery and glimmery look on! It’s one of the most elegant looks you can pair with the red lip. It represents a bold, bright and beautiful vibe. The amount of glitter and shimmer is all up to you. You’ll definitely look stunning either way!

The Golden Look

Who said you can’t wear this look during non-holiday seasons? CherryCherry Beauty agrees that gold eyes and red lips just go so well together, especially for special occasions. This look can usually be put up by using a smokey base and work your way with the gold glitter. This is a must-try for those who want to spice up their glam on their date nights.

The White Liner Look

Aside from looking straight up Hollywood, this makeup look generally makes your eyes look bigger. Therefore, the entire look’s focal points are in your eyes. Paired with the red lip, it’s the bomb! This look has been worn by celebs and makeup icons through generations. It’s definitely a classic. If you don’t have white eyeliner, now’s the time you seriously need to consider buying one.

The Bold and Blue Look

The more different, the better! This look is just one example of that. Who knew blue and red would look so good together? Although it’s not ideal for an everyday look, you’d rock this in a party, right? Mixing dramatic colours such as blue and red aren’t easy tasks. You need to practice and practice to achieve that perfect look.

There are still a lot more you can do to slay that iconic red lip look. You just need to explore more and find the one that screams “You.”. After all, every makeup look is a direct representation of oneself. Wearing a bold red lip may sound intimidating for now, but soon enough, you’ll find that true confidence and everything else won’t matter anymore.

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