5 Benefits of Wearing Makeup

It’s not a secret, women all over the world spend hundreds to thousands just to look good and feel good about themselves. This could be permanent changes like having plastic surgery to temporary ones like wearing outfits that make us feel put together. All of these changes that we do for ourselves are absolutely okay because these are all individual choices we make to fit our needs.
Undeniably these all have benefits that come with them.
But the quickest and cheapest fix we all know how, is through makeup!
Here are top 5 benefits we get from wearing our beloved cosmetics!

1. Mental Power

Makeup enhances features that we love about our face and covers up some imperfections that we don’t like. This helps boost our confidence to face situations and people with more faith in ourselves. Even the art or practice of putting on makeup requires focus and precision which gives us alone time to meditate and bring out the inner persona we want to embody for the day.
Makeup makes us feel more presentable and mentally prepared to face any situation
not to mention look and transform for the part as well.

2. Skincare!

Everyone who puts on makeup puts a barrier of protection on their faces that are direct targets to pollution and sun damage. Removing makeup after a long day outside can truly show you how much dirt and grime has accumulated on top of your skin.
Makeup forces us to take care of our skin so we have a good foundation. We have to make sure to prep our skin before we put anything on and rinse and remove the makeup after the long day. Some cosmetics even have SPF sunscreen infused which serves as our guard against the sun.

3. Looking good in Photos

We all know that makeup does the trick to really polish our faces for the gram or cam. The truth is we all want to look good for pictures because this is a moment that is captured in time. That very moment your wedding, debut, party, or halloween event will be forever immortalized with that single photo.

4. Chasing passion

Makeup isn’t all just about outer beauty. Some people live the makeup life and do it for a living. This is a career option that has lots of opportunities from making the perfect cosmetics to applying it perfectly for a client. The benefit it brings to a person is chasing on a dream when you wear or use a certain product. This also says a lot about what you believe in. If you use cruelty free items it can tell us that you value the way things are made it tells us a small aspect about who are and what your passions are in life.
5. Connection perfection
Makeup is such universal thing that we can all agree on in most women and even men. Whether you are for it or against it you probably know what it is and what it can do, unless of course you have been living under a rock. In any situation this can be a quick topic you can whip out to start a conversation to make connections with other people. This is a way for you to get their opinions on certain products and even get recommendations.
The benefits of wearing makeup encompass more than just looking good. It’s a way of life that gives us meaning and purpose. Makeup is a superpower. It is not like a mask that simply covers up imperfections and highlights assets. It is a form of art that helps women express themselves. Although it is ultimately futile in the face of the person’s real life problems, it is something that compels us women to create art on ourselves and march on like everything is fine. It is truly uplifting and empowering women. It is also giving us confidence to face each day beautifully.
Is there any other benefits that I forgot to mention on my article? Leave a comment below and let me know!
-Your Anaivi Beauty Blogger

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