3 Makeup Looks to Wear with your Red Dress

Everyone has a little black dress in their closet, it is a wardrobe staple for most women who want to make a safe and comfortable outfit choice. But on days when we want to command attention and make a bold statement. We opt for another wardrobe staple, the red dress!It is easy to make a mistake with this vibrant color. You can go from the sultry girl, brimming with confidence and power to overdoing it and looking unsophisticated.Here are makeup looks and tips to keep in mind to pull off that red dress.

1. “No-Makeup” Makeup Look


This look is about focusing to look as natural and flawless as possible. It is making sure the basics are all there to make you look fresh. This is a good choice to make in order to tone down the vibrant color of the dress. The key is to first start with a good foundation base to give your skin a youthful glow keep this light, use mineral based products or creams. A good alternative to heavy foundation is using tinted moisturizers, BB creams, and CC creams for that perfect breathable look. The lip color should be kept nude to very light colors, you can top it off with shiny lip gloss. The cheeks should be giving you warmth and color. Give yourself a little highlight and aim for a dewy look.

2. The Bold Lips Look


This look is focusing on what the power of a good lipstick shade can give you. The payoff is glorious. By giving your lips some attention it should balance out with your dress and match it accordingly. It can be a matching bold red or contrasting vibrant colors as well. When using the bold red lipstick, use shades that are close to the color of your dress this is to give a monotonous but catchy look. For the contrasting lip color make sure to choose a shade that is as catchy and lively as the color of your dress. Give your face a good foundation and tone down on blushes and eyes for this look. You can give your face a good contour to give your lips the right framing it deserves.

3. Dramatic Smokey Eye


For this look it is all about giving a sexy aura that puts focus on the eyes. This will give your look a mesmerizing and sultry feel. The lips has to be toned down here, stick to nudes. The cheeks should be sun-kissed and given just the right amount of bronze and color. The foundation should also be impeccable and flawless. A tip is to put concealer or foundation on the lips before applying the nude lipstick of your choice to go with this. It is also very important to have a good primer for the eyes in order to make sure the eyeshadow lasts. A general rule for all the makeup looks is to have defined eyebrows that frame your face. Also make sure to prep your skin and hydrate your lips before applying nude or bold colors. The red dress also needs you to focus on one asset of the face like the lips or the eyes, if not give yourself a light No-Makeup look in order to play it safe with the vibrant color of your dress. However style you wish to wear it just make sure you’re having fun, this is a bold choice and the perfect accessory is always your confidence anyway! #reddress#reddressmakeup