10 Questions You Should Always Ask Your Makeup Artist Before Your Wedding Day

IIn their most special day, certainly, every bride wants to shine and look their best as they walk through the aisle. A lot of preparation is needed – especially when it comes to the bride’s makeup. Today, we’ll talk about 10 questions you should ask your makeup artist before booking them for your wedding day. 

1. Do you have pictures of your work or a portfolio? 

You want to make sure that she can achieve what you want her to do. The best way to know if she’s good is to see what she’s done before. 

2. Have you ever done this type of event before? 

If it’s a bridal makeup event, you might want to ask: “Is it the first time that you’re doing this type of makeup?” It’s always good to ask this question to know what type of experience the person that you’re hiring has. It wouldn’t make sense to pay someone who has 10-15 years of experience with bridal makeup and to someone who’s a novice or just starting out for the same price. You always want to make sure that what you’re paying is what you get. 

Although, it’s okay if she’s just starting because everyone starts somewhere. Make sure that she knows that you’re taking the risk. If she’s never done it before, she has to show that she’s able to do it. 

3. How long have you been doing makeup? 

The past experience of the person or the number of years may not mean a lot. Someone can do makeup for 10 years and only do one makeup a year, and another person just started 2 years ago but she’s booked and has a lot of makeup. Nonetheless, you’d want to know how long she’s been in the game, what she can offer, to see the progression and just get to the middle fighters. 

4. Are you providing the material for the makeup or do I have to bring my own?

Some people just charge for the service, and not for the material.  Some makeup artists prefer their clients to provide the materials or makeup to be used. For others, like myself, I prefer to bring everything because I’d want you to get the best of what I’ve got. Not everyone’s ways are like that, but it’s good to ask this type of question.

5. Can you send me a makeup contract?

Always have what you’ve discussed written down with a signature. With this,  you’ll know for sure that this person has testified to provide the service. If she couldn’t, she can at least provide you with a replacement or other alternatives. When it’s your first time doing business with a makeup artist and you’ve already given a deposit, you’ll never know what can happen. Just to watch your back, ask her for a contract. Even an email will do, so you can contact them just in case. A contract might also include details such as time schedules, the cost, cancellation fees or late fees. You want to make sure that you’re on the same page with your makeup artist. 

6. How much do you charge? 

You’d want to know how much would their service cost. You should ask about anything related to the total cost of the service. It can be a hassle to be unexpectedly paying for extra fees. So, to prepare yourself, this question should be on top of your list. 

7. What is your preferred method of payment?

You want to make sure that both of you agree on the method of payment to be used. Your choices can vary from cash, credit card or PayPal. Choose whatever is the most convenient for both of you. In cashless transactions, make sure to include transaction fees in your discussion. 

8. Are there any travel fees associated with the makeup?

By sending your actual address and seeing the distance between both ends, this will help you calculate how much it’s going to cost for her to come to you. This is really important. If they have to pay for parking, mention it beforehand. This will help both of you to avoid unexpected expenses. Don’t forget to include this in the contract.

9. Do you have an assistant or a team of MUAs with you?

For those who have a big bridal party, ask your makeup artist if she has a team or an assistant. If not, ask her how long does it take for her to finish one person. You surely don’t want to be late. You’d want to know how did logistics are going to work. Make sure that she has enough workforce to finish everything on time. 

10. Do you have a backup plan if you cannot make it to my event?

In an unexpected turn of events, it’s wise to have a backup plan ready just in case. You want everything to be on time. Ask your makeup artist for a backup plan. When something unforeseen happens, you’d want to know if someone would cover for her and do your makeup instead. A good backup plan is needed to keep things organized even with the sudden changes. You can tell if the makeup artist is responsible for her actions and makes sure that you’re happy on your wedding day.

There are a lot more you can personally ask your makeup artist to ensure a successful and well-coordinated schedule. Make sure you’ve got everything covered so you won’t have anything to stress about when the big day arrives. 

Anyway, those were all my tips. I hope you found it helpful. You can this as your personal checklist to guide you. If you know someone who’s getting married, don’t forget to share some of these tips. 

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