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SHEER Anaivi lip gloss



Brilliant as you desired.

The ANAIVI lip gloss has everything to enhance your makeup application.

Its creamy composition and rich in vitamin E offers an extremely light texture with a delicate and natural finish.

Sparkling, translucent and glossy, the ANAIVI lip gloss perfectly reflects the light and color of the lips.

No sticky feeling, no drying or chapped lip impression perfect for sensitive lips.

The finish of this lip gloss will leave you with a soft velvet feeling.
Elegant, simple and discreet, the ANAIVI gloss will accompany you wherever you go.
  • Creamy
  • Natural finish
  • No tacky feel
  • Hi shine gloss
  • Extremely lightweight texture
  • Natural vanillin extract flavour
  • Glides on sheer and glossy 
  •  Made in Canada