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Mascara Intense VCV


VCV : Volume – Curl – Vitamin ACE

This 12-hour water-resistant mascara will increase by 50% the length of your lashes while curling them to make your eyes stand out. It contains vitamin A C and E and natural polymers to nourish, stretch and hold the lash.

The VCV Mascara is suitable for sensitive eyes.

Our inspiration :

We could not find a mascara that was easy on the eyes and did not create dry clumps on the lash. We wanted a mascara that even when you scratch your eyes, nothing would get into your eyes. All that while making the eyes naturally stand out.

Story Time

Since this happened to me, I hated wearing mascara. I was in my bathroom, doing my makeup and felt something in my eyes. A dry piece of my mascara has fallen in my eyes. I thought nothing of it, closed my eyes and could not stop blinking because it would hurt so much. My eyes became watery. I tried everything to take the tiny piece out : Pour water, use a Q-tip, lift my lid, put my head up, down : NOTHING worked. I thought I was losing my sight. This might seem dramatic, but anyone who have had dirt in their eyes know what I am talking about. That feeling when you are just agitated, your eyes are tired. One thing I knew was that my mascara was not worth me looking my sight. I usually wear glasses and now I couldn’t see. I was brought to the clinic where the nurse removed the mascara flake and rinsed my eye.

Since then, I understood that eyes are sensitive, and I should care for them. I’ve always avoided anything that could leave residue in my eyes. When I learned that we were launching a mascara, I wanted to make sure that this mascara would be adapted to the sensitivity of the eyes.