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Iconic Matte Lipstick


Available March 15.03.2020

This longlasting creamy lipstick is full coverage and extremely pigmented. It contains vitamin E and vanillin extract. This lipstick is a matte finish formula made in Canada.

Our inspiration :

We wanted a lipstick that stays all day without creating lines on the lips. A creamy product that would create a soft canva on the lips. That’s where the ICONIC line started. Iconic colors that are a must in your kit. The first color is a RED that will turn heads, without being to flashy. We wanted a color that would look great on every skin tones, and we finally found it.

For a better application, add concealer on your lips before applying the lipstick and avoid using the lipstick on chapped lips that has dry patches (to avoid having the lipstick set into the lines).