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Anaivi Second Collection : ICONIC (Set of 3)


Available March 15.03.2020

– ICONIC Matte Lipstick 

This longlasting creamy lipstick is full coverage and extremely pigmented. It contains vitamin E and vanillin extract. This lipstick is a matte finish formula made in Canada.

Our inspiration :

We wanted a liptick that stays all day without creating lines on the lips. A creamy product that would create a soft canva on the lips. That’s where the ICONIC line started. Iconic colors that are a must in your kit. The first color is a RED that will turn heads, without being to flashy. We wanted a color that would look great on every skin tones, and we finally found it.

For a better application, add concealer on your lips before applying the lipstick and avoid using the lipstick on chapped lips that has dry patches (to avoid having the lipstick set into the lines). 

– Setting Spray 2 in 1 – Finish + Fix

Weightless mist that makes your makeup last all day .  It gently soothes and refreshes rhe skin which leaves you with a natural finish. 

– 14 hours wear without fading, smudging, or settling into fine lines.

– Made in Canada

Our inspiration :

We noticed that a setting spray is what most of our client miss in their makeup bag. They want their makeup to last all day and look natural. That’s why we added this 2 in 1 setting spray that not only set the makeup but removes the excess powders. It is a must have that we know you will love.

– VCV : Volume – Curl – Vitamin ACE

This 12-hour water-resistant mascara will increase by 50% the length of your lashes while curling them to make your eyes stand out. It contains vitamin A C and E and natural polymers to nourish, stretch and hold the lash.

The VCV Mascara is suitable for sensitive eyes.

Our inspiration :

We could not find a mascara that was easy on the eyes and did not create dry flakes on the lash. We wanted a mascara that even when you scratch your eyes, nothing would get into your eyes. All that while making the eyes naturally stand out.

Story Time

Since this happened to me, I hated wearing mascara. I was in my bathroom, doing my makeup and felt something in my eyes. A dry piece of my mascara has fallen in my eyes. I thought nothing of it, closed my eyes and could not stop blinking because it would hurt so much. My eyes became watery. I tried everything to take the tiny piece out : Pour water, use a Q-tip, lift my lid, put my head up, down : NOTHING worked. I thought I was losing my sight. This might seem dramatic, but anyone who have had dirt in their eyes know what I am talking about. That feeling when you are just agitated, your eyes are tired. One thing I knew was that my mascara was not worth me looking my sight. I usually wear glasses and now I couldn’t see. I was brought to the clinic where the nurse removed the mascara flake and rinsed my eye.

Since then, I understood that eyes are sensitive, and I should care for them. I’ve always avoided anything that could leave residue in my eyes. When I learned that we were launching a mascara, I wanted to make sure that this mascara would be adapted to the sensitivity of the eyes.